Timber Flooring Sydney

Timber Flooring Sydney

Solid timber flooring That last centuries

Wood floors are beautiful and durable. They come in various styles and designs. If you want to add some style to your home, then you should consider installing Engineered Flooring or Solid Timber floors. Engineered flooring has been designed to look like Solid Timber at a fraction of its cost.

What Is The Difference Between Engineered Timber Flooring And Solid Wood Flooring?

Engineered timber floors are made from a sandwich of materials such as plywood and a top layer of real timber, generally European oak. It makes these floors cost effective and in certain conditions they have a better resistance to moisture and structural movements when installed properly.

Solid wood floors are made from solid pieces of wood and are installed directly onto subflooring. They are typically used for residential applications and in traditional buildings.

Engineered timber floors are beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly by the sourcing of the materials they are made of. They are also very affordable compared to solid timber and tend to replace them in many modern constructions.

Engineered timber floors are nowadays a popular choice among homeowners. They offer an attractive alternative to traditional wooden floors, and they come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Benefits Of Choosing Engineered Timber Flooring

Easy Maintenance

Traditional wood floors require regular maintenance to ensure they remain beautiful and in good conditions.

Engineered floors will require careful research into the appropriate floor for your use.


Engineered timber floors are extremely durable. They are made on their top surface from solid timbers that are naturally stable. Their sandwich structure reduces mouvement. This means that they generally won’t warp or crack over time. This makes them ideal for homes where children play and pets roam freely.


Engineered timber floors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. These include classic oak, contemporary white, and modern black or even fancy colours we can offer at YES! Colour. These styles complement most interior décor choices.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re considering installing timber floors, contact us today. We can help you find the right style and finish for your home.

Our timber size range

Block sizes in millimetres available in solid timber are below:

Solid Timber Herringbone


Solid Timber Chevron


Engineered Herringbone


Engineered Chevron


Engineered Plank


Our selection of timber parquetry species

With a choice of density, tones, and grain structure — We Love Parquet wood floors will enrich your home.

Our catalogue of Australian hardwoods includes:

European oak

(Quercous robur)- Dominant specie in wood flooring, not an Australian native, provides a ‘Canvas’ like base colour to work with


(Eucalyptus pilularis) — versatile plantation timber from NSW and Queensland. Delivers wooden parquetry flooring with a cream to pale brown hue and a straight grain.

Spotted Gum

(Corymbia maculata) — a tough timber from the east coast. Provides wooden parquet flooring with shades of cream to brown with a wavy grain.


(Eucalyptus marginata) — slow-growing tree from Western Australia. Gives wooden parquet floors rich red tones, beautiful grain structure.

Brush Box

(Myrtle) — Timber from NSW and Queensland. Vibrant colours from red to rich brown with a high density, finely patterned grain. Resistant to splintering and wear.

Tasmanian Oak

(Eucalyptus regnans) – eucalyptus species originating from Tasmania Adds a light straw/red-brown colour to wood parquet. Straight, even grain, dense and resilient.


(Eucalyptus) a dense timber and pleasing colour tone, tallowwood is a popular specie