Long and wide Grand Oak Plank

Technical 190x1900x15(4) European Oak,ABC grade, Micro-bevel 2.888m2/Carton
8 Pcs/Carton

An engineered floorboard, suitable for floorboard applications. It works well in small or large areas, adding to the sense of space. This plank is long at a standard 1.9 Meters, and wide at 190 ML. It has a 4 ML wear layer of ABC grade European oak, and a robust base of high-quality plywood. The system height is 15 ML, a standard system height for floorboard wood. Adhesion and fixing are simple: Squiggle glue, or trowel, and secret nail onto timber or weight down onto concrete bases

The flooring is lovely coated with clear lacquer, with the bevel adding to the European style of accentuated gaps; it is very suitable and ready to accept whatever colour you select from our colour studio. Suitable for commercial or residential premises

You will benefit from the price point of this wood in specifying small or large areas.

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