Hardwood Flooring for Style and Durability

Natural hardwood flooring is a classic feature of quality flooring design — associating the enduring qualities of hardwood floors with the style of the interior living space. 

Choosing solid hardwood flooring signifies your preference for sustainability and excellence in flooring design. Always in style, hardwood wooden flooring stands the test of time — both as a durable flooring material and a design feature.

Parquetry Patterns

Make Hardwood Flooring Your Choice

Hardwood timber floorboards are recommended by experts We Love Parquet, for hardwood floors and hardwood parquet flooring.

Hardwood timber flooring is sourced from sustainable plantation trees that naturally feature generic qualities — making them suitable for different uses.

Hardwoods are slow-growing. As a result, they’re a dense wood suitable for the flooring requirements of durability, maintenance as well as the beauty of the colour and grain.

Flooring craftsmen of yesteryear chose hardwood floorboards because they appreciated the qualities of this material and its reputation for endurance.

Hardwood Flooring Is Easy Maintenence

Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean, with dry sweeping and vacuuming and the occasional light washing. However, cleaning with steam mops should be avoided.


Choosing the Right Hardness of Timber Floorboards

Australian timber species for hardwood wood flooring are among the best in the world for hardness. They’re tested with the internationally recognised system — known as the Janka Hardness Rating.

A Janka rating of eight or more is considered hard. However, many Australian timber species exceed this figure — with ratings of up to 15.

Preferred hardwood timbers readily available for flooring in Sydney, are listed here with their Janka Hardness Rating:

  • Blackbutt — (9.1).
  • Brushbox — (9.5).
  • Grey Box — (15).
  • Ironbark — (14).
  • Jarrah — (8.5).
  • Karri — (9).
  • Spotted Gum — (11).
  • Stringybark — (8.1).
  • Sydney Blue Gum — (9.01).
  • Tallowwood — (8.6).

For more details regarding the qualities and types of Australian hardwood timber flooring — check out our timber flooring page.

Australian Grading for Solid Hardwood

In Australia, solid hardwood flooring is graded according to the standard — AS 2796 – Timber – Hardwood – Sawn and milled products. Grading rules address aspects of strength and serviceability. They also determine the overall appearance and character of a floor depending on the features of the hardwood.

Timber Hardwood — Making the Right Choice

When selecting the best and most appropriate hardwood for your flooring, We Love Parquet suggests first considering what the space will be used for and what type of activities will likely take place.

Questions to ask yourself:

What level of traffic do you anticipate in your space?

Bedrooms or a home study tend to be low traffic. In contrast, hallways, kitchen, living rooms and rumpus rooms are more likely to have a high traffic flow.

Who will be using this space?

If your area accommodates a large family or there are young children, this will have an impact on the use of the floor.

Are there windows with sunlight shining directly on the floor?

Changes in temperature and light can affect the performance of certain hardwood floorboards or hardwood parquet.


When choosing the right hardwood species, these are crucial questions to ask — the answers will help direct you to your final and ideal choice of flooring.

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Hardwood timber flooring is the product of choice for parquetry. 

When considering hardwood parquet floors, look for Australian hardwood species that will be resilient to everyday wear and foot traffic. Choose a species that not only looks beautiful but will retain its appearance.

For advice on your requirements for hardwood flooring services, contact We Love Parquet. Their experienced flooring craftsmen can advise on hardwood flooring, Sydney — that will suit your project and the results you have in mind.

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