Timeless, elegant, and uncompromisingly durable — hardwood flooring enhances your living space while providing reassuring sustainability.

Its classic natural countenance adds a level of warmth and opulence unattainable by other flooring options. And, available in both solid and engineered formats, hardwood floorboards are within the reach of every homeowner’s budget.

Hardwood Flooring for Style and Durability

Natural hardwood flooring is a classic feature of quality flooring design — associating the enduring qualities of hardwood floors with the style of the interior living space.

Choosing solid hardwood flooring signifies your preference for sustainability and excellence in flooring design. Always in style, hardwood wooden flooring stands the test of time — both as a durable flooring material and a design feature.

Parquetry Patterns

Make Hardwood Flooring Your Choice

At We Love Parquet, our team of craftspersons are proud to stand on the shoulders of historical wood artisans.

For centuries, solid hardwood flooring has been a symbol of longevity and indulgence — and our own hardwood floorboards, Sydney, carry on this distinguished tradition.

By utilizing slow-growing woods, our boards boast inherent durability — promising years of use with the minimum of maintenance. And, with the depth and warmth of the timber intensifying as it ages, your home will gain in both character and charm.

Choosing hardwood timber flooring means opting for sustainability. Sourced from plantations, our hardwood floors promise reassurance — providing peace of mind in selecting a renewable, recyclable material that ‘locks in’ carbon

Furthermore, as an Australian-based company, our hardwood flooring services are governed by national industry standards — namely, AS 2796. By adhering to these specifications, which regulate serviceability, strength, species, and moisture content — you’re guaranteed exceptional quality and finish.

Hardwoods are slow-growing. As a result, they’re a dense wood suitable for the flooring requirements of durability, maintenance as well as the beauty of the colour and grain.

Flooring craftsmen of yesteryear chose hardwood floorboards because they appreciated the qualities of this material and its reputation for endurance.

Hardwood Flooring Is Easy Maintenence

Hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean, with dry sweeping and vacuuming and the occasional light washing. However, cleaning with steam mops should be avoided.


Choosing the Right Hardness of Timber Floorboards

Since 1906, the hardness of timber has been ascertained by the Janka Test  — with many Australian species ranking amongst the most robust on the planet.

By utilizing durable home-grown timber in our hardwood flooring Sydney products, the material is resilient to wear, moisture penetration, scratches, and cuts. Thus keeping maintenance to a minimum and guaranteeing your flooring remains in optimum condition.

Generally speaking, any wood with a Janka rating of eight or greater is considered to be ‘hard’ — and at We Love Parquet, we have meticulously selected our preferred timbers for their hardy nature, ageing characteristics, and overall beauty.

Here are our chosen hardwood wood flooring options, together with their relative Janka score, that are readily available for purchase.

  • Blackbutt — (9.1).
  • Brushbox — (9.5).
  • Grey Box — (15).
  • Ironbark — (14).
  • Jarrah — (8.5).
  • Karri — (9).
  • Spotted Gum — (11).
  • Stringybark — (8.1).
  • Sydney Blue Gum — (9.01).
  • Tallowwood — (8.6).

For more details regarding the qualities and types of Australian hardwood timber flooring — check out our timber flooring page.

Engineered Hardwood Wooden Flooring

Consistently striving to innovate and provide homeowners with the pinnacle of timber flooring — our team at We Love Parquet also offer engineered hardwood boards.

As an alternative to our solid timber hardwood parquet flooring and boards, these Australian pre-finished wood solutions deliver the eye-catching elegance of their solid counterparts — but with a cleaner and more rapid installation process and without the deluxe price point.

Featuring an opulent layer of hardwood European oak expertly fashioned onto a bed of premium-calibre plywood — our engineered hardwood parquet and floorboards promise an elegant veneer characteristic of the solid format, but without the expansion and contraction concerns.

Our engineered hardwood parquetry flooring boards have the advantages of:

  • Pre-finished in our own Sydney factory.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • Laid and walked upon on the same day.
  • Able to be floated above existing flooring.
  • Complete with a guarantee of excellence.
  • Customisable with your choice of bespoke colours.
  • Available with a minimum lead time.
  • Engineered in Sydney.
    Meeting stringent Australian standards — as opposed to overseas products.
  • Growing in depth and warmth as the board’s age.
  • Engineered and applied in Australia for the Australian lifestyle.
  • Utilizing high-quality oil-based UV lacquer.
  • Fuss-free maintenance.
  • Suitable for homeowners, architects, and builders.
Engineered Chevron Parquetry

Engineered Chevron Parquetry

Engineered Herringbone Parquetry

Engineered Herringbone Parquetry

Engineered European Oak

Engineered European Oak

Australian Grading for Solid Hardwood

In Australia, solid hardwood flooring is graded according to the standard — AS 2796 – Timber – Hardwood – Sawn and milled products. Grading rules address aspects of strength and serviceability. They also determine the overall appearance and character of a floor depending on the features of the hardwood.

Hardwood Parquet Floors and Boards — Making the Right Choice

A hardwood floor will provide years of pleasure, warmth, and character to your home — but only if you select the optimum wood for your living space. At We Love Parquet, we suggest there are three crucial questions to consider.

Questions to ask yourself:

What level of traffic do you anticipate in your space?
The greater the level of footfall, the more robust hardwood flooring the room demands.
Bedrooms and home offices are typically low traffic — while conversely, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and rumpus rooms will be exposed to a greater level of use.
Who will be using this space?
Homes that feature large families, younger children, or pets will have floors exposed to a greater level of footfall, wear, and day-to-day use than properties housing a married couple — thus demanding a more durable timber.
Are there windows with sunlight shining directly on the floor?

Fluctuations in light and temperature can affect the performance of hardwood floors — with different species reacting differently to these characteristic variations. Speak to one of our experts to discuss your timber choices — or explore our engineered flooring option, which is less susceptible to thermal contraction and expansion.

Contact Us For Hardwood Flooring

To find out more about installation of Hardwood timber flooring by We Love Parquet, contact Ivan Kirton on 1300 467 277. Alternatively, why not visit the We Love Parquet showroom at Shop 1, 193 Victoria St, Potts Point NSW 2011, to discuss your flooring with our experts?

Talk To the Experts in Hardwood Timber Flooring, Sydney

At We Love Parquet, third-generation parquetry installer Ivan Kirton has the knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail to help you select the perfect hardwood timber floorboards for your home or business.

When considering hardwood parquet floors, look for Australian hardwood species that are resilient to everyday wear and foot traffic. Choose a variety that not only looks beautiful but will also increase in charm as the year’s progress.

Contact We Love Parquet

Phone 1300 467 277 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, call into our showroom at Shop 1, 193 Victoria St, Potts Point and talk to Ivan Kirton and personally explore our range of hardwood flooring. 

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