Durability of Timber Floors

The density of a specie of timber will affect the durability or performance of your hardwood floor.

Different timber specie are rated on what is known as the Janka Rating. The Janka Rating comes about from dropping a ball bearing onto timber from a certain height and measuring the dent. This rating gives us information on which timbers are more dense (or durable) than others.


Below is a list of ratings of our most commonly requested timbers.


Ironbark 14
Turpentine 12
Spotted Gum 11
Brushbox 9.5
Sydney Blue Gum 9
Blackbutt 8.8
Tallowwood 8.6
Jarrah 8.5
Flooded Gum (Rose Gum) 7.5
European Oak 5.5
Tasmanian Oak 4.9-7.1