Displaying a distinctive range of handcrafted parquetry panels, We Love Parquet’s gallery showroom is now open in the cosmopolitan precinct of Potts Point at 121 Macleay Street.

Steeped in artistic history, with distinctive galleries and boutiques, Potts Point’s restaurants, cafes and wine bars are the haunts of the rich and famous.

We Love Parquet’s gallery showroom displays expertly crafted timber parquetry that is right at home in the eclectic business district.

Parquetry in the heart of Potts Point

Vibrant Potts Points is regarded as the closest district Australia has to a New York, Paris or London street. Historic Macleay Street is a unique environment, a heritage conservation area with the highest concentration of Art Deco architecture in Australia.

Architects, interior designers and residents looking to build or renovate can drop in and view the range of parquetry from ultra-modern styles to traditional heritage patterns and discuss their flooring requirements with parquetry specialist Ivan Kirton.

Parquetry timber flooring on display

‘Potts Point is a great place to be for We Love Parquet as we want to become part of the community,’ says Ivan. ‘Designers and renovators don’t need to make a special trip to a homemaker centre when they can drop in here, close to where they live or work. We’re ready to talk timber flooring that is individual to your requirements.’

‘It’s great to have a presence in an area where many of the grand apartments feature parquetry, as we appreciate the skill and craftsmanship from generations ago,’ says Ivan. ‘We’re continuing the tradition of quality and craftsmanship today with our parquetry and respect for the qualities of natural timber flooring.’

Parquetry in Macleay Street heritage precinct

Historic Macleay Street is distinctive for its grand apartments and has the highest concentration of inter-war apartments in Australia.

The street is named after Alexander Macleay, who was granted the land when he was the New South Wales Colonial Secretary from 1826-37. Macleay Street today features a mix of late 19th century three-storey residential and commercial buildings as well as early 20th century 10-storey high-rise apartments.

Notable apartment blocks in Macleay Street include the Regis, Seldson, Manar, Kingsclere, Werrington, Byron Hall and Cahors.

Manar, a complex of three buildings, has local historic significance as a rare example of inter-war classical style residential flats, designed by prominent architects Ernest A Scott and Green.

Visit the We Love Parquet Showroom

Call into the We Love Parquet gallery and showroom at Shop 2, 121 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011, or phone 1300 467 277 to discuss your flooring requirements.