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Studios 301 in Alexandria is Australia’s oldest and largest commercial recording studios. The business has had a multi-million dollar ground-up reconstruction and relocation project that took 16 months to complete and the result is a studio that now ranks as one of the top five recording studios in the world

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Designed by owner and CEO Dr Tom Misner with master acoustician, Jochen Veith, the studio is unique in Australia and one of the world’s finest acoustically designed facilities. The aim was to create a platform for future engineers, producers and artists to be nurtured and flourish in world class facilities.

Timber has natural acoustic qualities that enhance the acoustics for sound recording. A network of interlocking wood cells converts sound by frictional resistance and vibrations. The natural acoustic properties of timber reduce the transmission of sound vibration and control unnecessary echo or reverberation. These properties make timber a preferred choice for public buildings.

I was fortunate to be apprenticed to Terry and Chris, to learn the techniques of the trade and keep the same dedication to detailed workmanship. Wail and I are continuing those high standards of expertise and respect for the integrity of the timber with We Love Parquet.Ivan Kirton